26 July 2009

unwished for drama

My little cat is sick. RIght off the top (of his tail) he has neurological damage. His claws to not retract and his reaction time is a little slow, making us a good pair, I guess, so long as he is not in pain. But it seems he is - he has inflamed joints.

The cat was prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication. This medication has been studied only in Europe: small animals having a generally reduced ability to process medications, and there is some difficulty with respect to obtaining consent, as it were, or at least not doing harm. So in addition to this Metacam, which, when the cat began barfing with increased frequency, a nice young vet informed me can cause ulcers and reduced, I have been offered Kitty morphine and a weight-adjusted formula for administering human antacid. I'm sort of shitting myself right now (which, incidentally, is exactly what the cat did in the car on the way home from the first veterinarian).

On the plus side, I have the sort of relationship with the young vet that I wish I had with my own doctor. I observe in detail and communicate clearly; he is open and direct about what could be the problem, risks, and options for treatment, while hearing my desire to not overload the cat and create further problems. On the minus side, my cat could have feline aids or leukemia increasing his susceptibility to infection. If you've never been grossed out about rescue cats, google at your own risk.

This could be the longest post I've ever written, which is both sad and an illustration of the ineffectiveness of my chosen deterrent to the same, giving the cat a ridiculous nom de blog. Dodo is a gentle soul who I love to spend time with, and watching him feel poorly makes me agitated and ill at ease.


thesundaygap said...

I feel for you. Poor kitty. At least he has your company.

Wrenna said...

I felt like a total sheister after giving him kitty morphine. The long and short of it is that as of this morning I have a newly aloof cat.