31 August 2009

drunk dialing the psychologist (not really)

I am sorry that you never told me that people often experience psychotic symptoms as a trauma. I couldn't infer that. I am sorry for being rude. There are a lot of things that you weren't very articulate about.

For instance: what was all that talk about me being nurturing? I could only think that you were saying I was diseased, and then of what my kid might look like, and how I don't know enough about people to be able to take care of her, so that her life could be happier than mine.

My cat is well. His giant tyrannosaurus claws have become cat sized with scratching, and his hips seem fine. He hops around for the fun of it and plays. He is the happiest creature I know. He is very sweet and mellow.

I feel as though I have lost the will to live and to move forward. Dr Adams makes me visit her every two weeks and doesn't try too hard to bond with me. I miss you. I am crying now. Bye.

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