13 September 2009


Put my pajamas in the wash and they shrunk. My shorts are too short and my sleeves are shriveled up over my wrist bones. Not a good scene. Am doing a spider dance clawing at them in hopes of stretching out the shirt, at least.


Factory Supervisor said...

or just pretend you are a giant?
you could get some little model houses and stomp around in your 'too short' short pj's demanding to speak with the king of this tiny land...

i would.

thesundaygap said...


Wrenna said...

transatlantic giant party! BOOM BOOM BOOM. TAKE THAT BANKERS.

Factory do you think it would be possible for you to make a rather small piece of art that I could purchase and hang up in a frame? Even if 'make a piece of art' can only be interpreted as, 'put an old exhibition invitation in an envelope and mail'? I know you don't do small but I suspect even three brushstrokes by you would look awesome.

sunday, consider thyself thwacked with my giant fluffy dressing gown. you can come make crafts in front of my parents' tv anytime. i will knit the rainy day socks and then we can barter, lording it over our tiny subjects.