07 September 2009

society for asshole perfectionists

Obviously this is an 'at large' members only type deal. If no time is ever quite right, brothers and sisters, your stars are aligned. Step right up and take off your hats.

Pay close attention and remember to stop and rewind. There will be no souvenir postcards as none of us can make anything good enough. Rorschachs can be made by the foot bath on your way out.


Wrenna said...

I'm afraid to look at my e-mail because I'm about to get told, "you're totally full of shit and it took too long, FAIL." To which I will reply, I have this one thing, see, to soften my shame at being a liar and a failer.

Wrenna said...

"But I don't have any street smarts. I don't know what to do."

Wrenna said...

I failed and lied but so far haven't had my ass handed to me.