09 September 2009

"wonder drink"

I read about it on the internet so of course I had to try it when there was a $1.99 sale. Kombucha (oolong variety, cute little glass bottle) tastes much like drinking the bog - in the healthy way I feel when I am walking there, with a twinge of memory, no doubt, of an upbringing drinking scotch with my dad. Now I have an impulsive desire for a mushroom to live in my closet.


thesundaygap said...

eeeeheehee...a mother mushroom making mushroom daughters, reproducing exponentially until everywhere you go you're tiptoeing on toadstools.

Wrenna said...

pfft! We'd be the perfect pair, my mushroom and I. Me, so happy not to have contracted sex viruses that I announce bizarre idiopathic maladies, and my mushroom daughters, gleefully taking over as the mother dies and has to be used to keep my gardenias happy. Fun all around!