05 October 2009

from my silly letter to the writers of grey's anatomy and private practice:

"Depicting all mentally ill people as violent is like depicting all black people as violent. I think the characterization of people with mental illness as uniformly lacking insight or positive agency is hateful. It does little more than fear-monger."


thesundaygap said...

If I were wearing a hat, I would take it off for you.

Wrenna said...

You just made my day. Thanks.

Soren Lorensen said...

this is true, and important

my final year project is an experiment into people's attitudes to the mentally ill and how these attitudes impact the course of disorders and their treatment by the men in white coats etc.

Wrenna said...

Your project sounds interesting. Things have changed a lot in the past ten years, acceleratingly... clozapine-derived antipsychotics, the discovery that lower doses can effectively be used to treat bipolar and psychotic conditions, ssri hype, early intervention in psychosis, directions beyond CBT... and most depictions (i.e. literary) are from much longer ago. From a medical standpoint there is more potential to be more active in one's treatment, but socially I can think of fewer things.

I find it easy to be pretty open here because I don't use my real name and because I don't know anyone reading here well enough to construe what I say as a strain on such relationships. I don't immediately communicate anxiety on encountering someone else. There's probably a degree of nihilism associated with saying so much, and with being quite alone. I find it helpful and almost charming (when not horrifying) to have a record of how I was thinking at a particular time.

If you find out any interesting things drop me an e-mail, ladywrenna@gmail.com

Wrenna said...

while i am at it, other stereotypes that annoy me

- psychotic as genius
- psychotic as member of creatively fabulous family
- mentally ill person as child (spoken for by parents)
- bipolar person as argumentative, always right, center of the universe
- depressive writer heroine
- drug addict as tortured soul