28 October 2009

I brought my little cousin some pastels because he wanted to colour a moon last time I was over and only had an invisible ink cheater colouring book that made him cry. His mom thought it was an awesome present. He didn't quite know what to do and mostly lined up the pastels on the construction paper background. I said that was super and thought that it would've been better if I'd been doing homework so he'd have someone to imitate, like that time he kept taking my fountain pen from me.

Seeing the baby at three week intervals is fascinating because I can observe subtle and miraculous shifts between visits. He has a good sense of humour and interacts socially and emotionally in all kinds of complicated ways (still mostly copying, from everyone he sees and every book he reads) but is just starting to put two words together, sometimes.

The book came with stencils so the baby's mom punched some out and he carried the white positives around in the little plastic bag the pastels had come in.


Soren Lorensen said...

this is a silly thing to say

but it is so real

I mean real for me

and that is wonderful

Wrenna said...

they are an extremely lovable pair. when i leave i feel like my heart is broken open.