17 October 2009

rabbit in your headlights

Unkle & Tom York (Radiohead) - Rabbit in your headlights from nimoff on Vimeo.


Soren Lorensen said...

this was scary and sad but I liked it

at the moment I am playing Hearing Damage by Thom on repeat, here is a link:


Wrenna said...

thanks for the link (supreme god of rock and roll indeed!).

when i was a teenager i listened to 'ok computer' over and over on giant headphones... and grew audio-snobby ears.

thesundaygap said...

Have you heard "El Presidente" by Sparklehorse (I believe) feat. Thom Yorke? I loved that song briefly but passionately when it came out.

thesundaygap said...

I was wrong! it was a band called Drugstore. Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Qyz3VnrZI

Wrenna said...

Yes, back when it came out I saw it and bought the whole cd! "Say Hello" is great (I can't find a link though).