01 October 2009

Tuned in Turned on. Yeah baby yeah. Today my doctor was like, I had to explain that very simple thing at great length. And I was like, THANK YOU FOR EXPLAINING ALL THAT. And she made a real smile. It was like when you're with a baby and it shits itself and then you clean it up and you're both happy. I felt happy and not retarded or coerced. We were talking about how my poor brain is little and shriveled and doesn't work very well. Neuropsychiatrist on deck to inquire as to what is up with that and for now MORE CELEXAAAAA.

Nothing sucks like a 'visiting the mentalists' post.

[Dooce capitals]


Soren Lorensen said...

My mum threatens me with the mentalists whenever she wants me to do somthing and I don't want to do it.

Wrenna said...

My mom threatened me with them the whole time I was a teenager, but by then I thought it was more or less normal to be depressed and the threat made me scared.

I took myself to see one first when I became nihilistic about the possibilities of what people had always told me were my strengths, which hurt a lot. It was difficult for me to relate to people, I wasn't able to concentrate well and I felt like I had run out of my own ideas. Those were the things that mattered to me, without them I felt broken. Apparently you can see a therapist, too, if you would like to talk about the kind of work or other things you might like from your life, or the kinds of relationships that you are drawn to, or if you are drawn to the idea of psychological insight.

Now things are somewhat different, but my doctor says I have plenty of problem-solving resources and we mostly talk about whether or not what's going on is something that medication can help with. I like that she is straightforward and appreciate having a little more privacy to live and feel through things on my own. It would be okay if I wanted the opposite too. I miss my psychologist because he was a supportive and gentle person, but as they say, it takes all kinds.