14 October 2009

why yes, this is a cat post

On Wednesdays I take care of homeless cats. They smell really bad. One of the long-time residents was adopted this week. When he first showed up he was scarrerd. I think his nose may have been broken. We'd pick him up from his little bed tub and hold him on a towel stroking his back, and he'd be a little lump. Months later, when he finally got let out of his cage, aged one (immune system matured), he was a social superstar among cats. He knew how to be recognized without necessarily asserting himself and made his introductions by sleeping in other cats' beds. When the other adult cats had left, he befriended the neighbourhood crankypants, hanging out with her even while she slept, etc.. She hisses at everyone, but not him. It always surprises me how gently some animals can be in the world, or how we perceive this to be the case.

My favourite cat right now is a skinny baby tortie with a light stripe on her nose and little shocks of bright orange tabby marking. She too cuddles like a lump - you learn to cuddle them as babies, because soon enough they won't - but is very relaxed and sweet. So yes, I went and sat a sick baby cat on my belly and it seemed nice for both of us.

Look, words!

foto via ffffound


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Soren Lorensen said...

okay this is not about a cat but it is about animals being gentle:

once when I was a baby and I was crying our dog went upstairs and got my favuorite teddy and came back downstairs and put it in front of me and I stopped crying.

Wrenna said...

wow. they often seem wise to little things, hurt things and social dynamics, i think.