03 November 2009

Claude Levi-Strauss has died, age 100.


"Mad Bird" said...

I just have fallen back into the bad times again of if I think I could finish the day out, I feel so sad if I don't. As if I disappointed someone severely, let them down hard, hurt them. Who did I hurt? Who did I let down? I don't even know. But it makes me so sad to feel this, and it makes me feel like a worthless nothing, to eat when I could have not done so. When I could have gone without just as well.

wrenna said...

That's really sad. It sounds like you're trying so hard to be good... I'm not sure what that means to you, though. It could be lots of things.

Your comment about the Butterfingers was kind of hilarious, I mean, as a name for a product they don't get much worse (notwithstanding my ongoing love of healthy healthy peanut butter).

Take care and lots of e-love,