06 November 2009


thesundaygap said...

Can't tell you how glad I am that you are posting more, W. It's good to see you.

wrenna said...

You too. I always breathe a happy sigh when you are in the neighbourhood :)

Soren Lorensen said...


my favourite bit was

'I die'

in that funny squeaky voice

wrenna said...

I like the voices. I found a definition of a word I thought was made up:

amphigory [ˈæmfɪgərɪ], amphigouri [ˈæmfɪˌgʊərɪ]
n pl -ries, -ris
(Literature / Poetry) a piece of nonsensical writing in verse or, less commonly, prose
[from French amphigouri, of unknown origin]
amphigoric [ˌæmfɪˈgɒrɪk] adj