10 November 2009

I am liking the new Fennesz/Sparklehorse, In the Fishtank 15. Does anyone else have this proclivity?

Today it poured rain. I sat in Red Cat Records, which is a pretty cozy place, and became acquainted with Stars of the Lid, which was a recommendation. "Noise," he called it. Mine own arctic cinemascope, Fennesz, whereas Stars of the Lid is overstuffed chairs in an empty concert hall.


Mad Bird said...

Not that record, but I do have a whole stack of other records, about a foot and half high. There's nothing that comes close to the sound of a good vinyl playing. Nothing.

wrenna said...

in highschool me and two other girls used to get together to listen to records. our parents all had 1970s stereos with huge bass-y speakers and one of the girl's parents were British and had the Beatles AND the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.

i bought cd's though.