06 November 2009

oh god.

"Accused Gunman, Army Psychiatrist, in Stable Condition"


"Mad Bird" said...

I KNOW! I love that picture, too. It's by an artist named Mike Davis. He has a few similar, but not all his are that... I suppose you'd say unique and strange and loaded? I mean, all his are strange, but not strangely beautiful as well. He also has a color version. I might post a few more of my favorites of his soon... I really like that one particular picture of his, though. Something really drew me to it the first time I ever saw it. Usually strange art could scare someone, but this wasn't like that, it is so beautiful and not scary at all. I love it. It would make a child smile. It is rather lovely and funny and intense and deep and very, very queer.

No, never heard of Edward Gorey. Is he good? What books of his would you recommend? What is his style?

wrenna said...

i would definitely say strange, a little fey and weird in their relatability.

Edward Gorey is classic! I have posted a favourite reading above and also like The Doubtful Guest and The Gashlycrumb Tinies, which is a list of little children dying horrible and unlikely deaths.