26 November 2009

Walked home from the doctor muttering to myself. It does that to me.

I made my deadline today and now I can sleep.


thesundaygap said...

I don't talk to myself, and I'm sad about it. I consider this a personal character flaw and seriously believe that if I could just chatter at myself once in a while I would feel a lot less alone.

Hope your walk was nice, and your naps even better.

wrenna said...

well, it wasn't so much a conversation as repetitive bursts of reactions i wouldn't really want to listen to.

today when i was out people talked to me all day. someone i used to ride the bus with is newly, excitedly pregnant and morning sick, nutty old ladies in the yarn shop and a beautiful woman eating a bagel with her daughter checked in on my selection and told me about her projects.