09 November 2009

ziprasidone diary, day four

I'm totally believing the hype on improved executive functioning. I feel like screaming and hiding (agitated) but I do not.


Soren Lorensen said...

woohoo for executive functioning

"Mad Bird" said...

That "Cookie Monster" article was a satire, I don't know if you saw at the bottom. Ignore me, if you did.

WHAT an interesting article! The most intriguing thing said was towards the end:

"Anorexia itself seems like mad behaviour, but I don’t think it is madness. It is a way of shrinking back, of reserving, preserving the self, fighting free of sexual and emotional entanglements. It says, like Christ, ‘noli me tangere.’ Touch me not and take yourself off. For a year or two, it may be a valid strategy; to be greensick, to be out of the game; to die just a little; to nourish the inner being while starving the outer being; to buy time."

This is exactly it. Or at least exactly part of it or part of how it starts. The sexual/asexual part of it, at least. I'm surprised they hit the nail on the head so well. Even not sexuality, but if someone's depressed, and they need to back out of life for a while to regroup, "...to nourish the inner being while starving the outer being..."

Thanks, Wrenna.

wrenna said...


I like the LRB and I like that kind of history.