07 November 2009

Ziprasidone diary, day one.

So far so good. Ziprasidone was initiated to stop milk production before I decide to try it in my tea. Still spilled on myself as I got out of the shower. Things looked a little bright this morning; by dinner I was anxious and my hands were not coordinating properly. A little agitation is par for the course, if I'm not making the above up they probably have more to do with the cold damp weather. Dr. and I are starting at half the normal starting dose. This is the kind of over-awareness I have of my body.

The last time I was on an "effective" dose of antipsychotic I had really frequent and upsetting breakthrough symptoms. Five months of rigorously healthy and low-stress living on what a lot of people would probably view as a "for show" dose of risperidone have stabilized me without those breakthroughs (unless a psych person is poking), but it felt like a tenuous existence.


Soren Lorensen said...

oh dear I hate being aware it is terrible

wrenna said...

at half the dose reduced by half again by not consuming with food I have stretched out to relieve tense muscles. like a cat.