17 December 2009

i probably shouldn't, because these attitudes shaped my life in powerful ways, but it amazes me how entrenched ideas such as "psychiatry is a bad thing," or "psychiatric motives are bad," are, not just among the public (particularly people educated in the 1970's and early 80's) but within the medical and other helping professions and discourses of actually trying to get people help. it's a complete nightmare of a category that produces subjects as much as it is used in punitive ways against them, in a way that critique just doesn't, and it gets an amount of airtime that seems even more stupid when I think of how long and how powerful counter-discourses of compassionate care, biological cause, and pastoral care have been, and are.


Mad Bird said...

Thank you. I might like to have the words "intelligence," "irreverence" (sometimes), and "poise" as descriptors for a photo of myself.

Ha, I tolerate them MUCH better than "beautiful," "gorgeous," or "model!"

Thanks, Wrenna, for your comment. It made me smile. Not many of the other ones did, no offense to any of the other girls, I know they meant well, but their comments frustrated me, still.

wrenna said...

I'm glad that pleased you. I think all of us mean to cheer for you.

thesundaygap and I have discussed empathy, which I think she might do a PhD in if money were no issue, and I am always somewhat skeptical of being able to really see things from another person's place... people's world views are so complicated and I think always very much formed by their own pressures and experiences too.

In any case, thanks very much for stopping by.