16 December 2009

my imaginary daughter put in an appearance today as i was leaving the doctor's office, having had my ovaries explained to me. she was shouting something like, "retarded baby rabbits," or "deformed baby rabbits," and i thought she was a bit of a wicked girl (taking after her father, there.) then i started to laugh. since she is my imaginary daughter, i spent my bus ride contemplating what my response had been, and then my before-shift coffee in the parenting section looking at a book called, "the curse of the good girl." i don't want my girl to be stifled so i am educating myself with this pop-psychological social ecology of estrogen.

p.s. my ovaries are fine. we caught then ovulating on ultrasound and while ovaries are little, around 2cm long, follicles producing eggs are surprisingly large and produce in me a zinging pain when they burst. pornographic fascination.

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