10 December 2009

sister consented to see me at her place. she's not wanted to deal with me for a long time and i'd bribed her with kris kringle chocolate. she was lovely and beautiful. we exchanged notes and she made me late night toast. i was on my way home from the pub with classmates, sick after three beers, apologizing and discreet. Her fridge contains the exact same items mine did when i was 22. she is my (bipolar) twin, in absentia. i've never seen her so well.


Soren Lorensen said...

i am glad that you saw her

and saw her well

you are sort of fascinating

wrenna said...

flu that onsets at 4 am after a night a the pub is not so great, nor is being late because you were throwing up in your sleeve and had to get off the bus, then trying to make sure you are hiding it and not being the traumatic relative. thanks for hanging around.

wrenna said...

it was such a bad hangover i didn't know it was a hangover.