18 January 2010

at night when i'm lying in bed the right side of my face twitches, beside my nose. if i rub it it stops. i began to wonder why only the left side of my brain was acting up, and then i noticed that it happens when i become particularly anxious. it's like having a magic 8-ball on my nose, with direct access to what my brain has coded as worrysome. does my heart break a little for mad bird's baby sister? nose says yes, heart wishes her moments of joy and compassion shared by mad bird. do i think taking classes is a bad idea for me? nose wiggles yes. then my mood starts to improve and i remind myself exercise will help with this.


Mad Bird said...

The baby sister wrinkles her nose, only sometimes when she smile. Psychic connection? :)

She is one of the best things in my life. Not much else, if anything I think, can make me smile no matter what is going on. Oh, how I do love that little one!

wrenna said...

it's so good that she has you to love her.

my baby cousin was 2 pounds when he was born and i remember looking at him and loving him completely and totally without question.