28 January 2010

i find psychologists slightly creepy. "therapists" or people with education degrees in counseling are totally off the wall nuts. but with psychologists there might be a payoff. this one said i was strong, and that was okay. he talked a lot about my sister, which had my attention completely, but was minimally helpful and not okay in the same way that exaggerated empathy for an ex-boyfriend is not cool. he indirectly passed tips in identifying people being stupid, which really only causes me to become irritable.

i thought about this while on the train some guy was sucking loudly on a straw that made an annoying noise. i whispered, "that straw is fucking annoying," from behind him and his headphones. he put down his stupid rubbermaid container and as if hard of hearing, loudly took a call from an associate weightlifter. i wish him hemorrhoids. actually i don't, he likes having roommates to keep him from getting lonely. if i could make short people stop trying to make themselves bigger by walking slowly through the absolute center of every available space i would be much appeased. please i am trying to get on a train. one day. lets all mentally roll out the red carpet for the short people.


Mad Bird said...


Vitamins, no! I'd puke them immediately, the nausea's so bad.

Diet pills, afraid so. I'm going to try to lower the dose a bit. Of the ephedrine. From 80mg/day (bid) to 70. The tachycardia's concerning me.

So yes and no?

Unless, of course, I get operated on (which I'm still not sure if that's even going to happen any time soon, if at all!). Because then it would be parental nutrition, and NPO. I think any pills during that time would be a VERY bad idea. I could wait a few days off of ephedrine/caffeine, if the gallbladder stuff comes to that. It's not like I'd gain any weight or have an increase in appetite! :) That's normally what happens to people when they stop ephedrine (even though for me it would only be temporary), is that they gain weight right back, and their appetite is huge. But I kind of have a hunch if one is recuperating from a cholecystectomy and NPO, there will probably be no weight gain or appetite increase... Just a hunch.

Mad Bird said...

Oh, and didn't get a chance to check the post office today, because of all the craziness... Will try tomorrow.

wrenna said...

i just meant the vitamins, i understand the rest of it is much more complicated and could be dangerous to stop quickly.

no kidding you're busy!

i am wearing my stripy socks in solidarity and am thinking about you lots. hugs.

Mad Bird said...

I've got my stripey socks all set out! :) If I get a chance, I might try to post a pic on my blog. Doubt I'll go into an explanation of WHY I decided to put a picture of socks up there, but I think you'll understand...

Okay, yeah. The rest is complicated. One day I wish to be free, of this awful Leviathon.

Thank you for the hugs! Hugs to you, too.

Mad Bird said...

Roll that red carpet out!

I notice more "short people" of personality, than I do of stature... And they DO demand that middle area, the attention, the space-to-be-filled. VERY annoying people, also, they tend to be. Loud and intense.

***No offense to any loud or intense people, but I personally can only take so much intensity before I start getting very anxious.***

wrenna said...

*** me too.

there are enough literal short people that i don't need to worry about the metaphorical ones.

Mad Bird said...

Whoa! I just realized I totally put the wrong dosage of ephedrine I'm taking up there... God, what's going to happen when I'm a nurse? I could kill someone with medical errors like that!

I originally said I was taking 80mg/day, bid. NO. What I meant was, 80mg/day, split into 2 doses, each 40mg. Thus creating a bid (but of 40, NOT 80).

I cannot do that! So dangerous if I'm employed in the medical field. What I just did up there; if I did the same thing - a writing mistake/mis-clarification... Badbadbad.

Mad Bird said...

You can put any thoughts you want on my blog.

Sane or otherwise.