01 January 2010

one thing that is very comforting to eat is roasted things.

you can roast brussel sprouts (peel off the outer few leaves, cut them in half and add a diced slice of bacon (even better is prociutto), a tiny bit of olive oil, some salt and pepper and let them sit in the oven at 325-400 degrees for 30-45 minutes). in 2009 this was so trendy i knew about it.

this winter i have made a lot of roast chicken. because a whole chicken body grosses out my father, i roast chicken parts, skinnless thigh or breast meat. the bones can be left in. i use a heavy pan. some people have special expensive ones, but a glass baking pan, corning wear, or even a baking sheet is what i'm after. chicken for however many portions goes in the pan, along with yams (potatoes or sweet potatoes work too), skin on if you like, cut in large chunks. i add similarly sized, peeled, chunks of butternut squash and an onion cut in eight pieces. use a big knife and a vegetable peeler.

i drizzel the whole thing with a little olive oil (the fat all cooks off and runs to the bottom of the pan where it prevents sticking and is generally delicious) and shake some dry rub, barbeque sauce or seasoning salt on the meat and some salt and pepper on the vegetables. prep time is maybe ten minutes, and then you let your things bake at 325-350 for a couple hours while the house starts to smell delicious as though you've worked very hard.

to roast chicken as fast as you can, bake it at 425 for 30-40 minutes.


Imogene said...

Roast chicken - and vegetables - are my ultimate comfort food. I roast a whole free-range chicken with just a little seasoning and a drop or two of sweet soy sauce and drizzle over with olive oil. Sometimes I put some lemon wedges into the cavity, or lightly-crushed whole garlic cloves. You can't beat it for taste and simplicity (isn't the best foot simple?) and, as you said, it fills the house with the most scrumptious aromas. =)

Mmm. Good food is pure sensuousness... I've been work-frazzled this week and intend to relax this weekend making simple but delicious food. Thank you for the hint!

Imogene xxx

wrenna said...

You are someone after my own heart.