09 January 2010

today it was rainy. i had to ask the man sitting beside me on the bus to stop touching me. he was drunk and said that people like his brother in el salvador prefer white skin. his fingernails were cracked. "that's weird," i said, and he laughed and stopped trying to talk. a little while on he pounded another beer.

i'd thought he was psychotic, which made me calm with recognition. he reminded me of a girl i met in the hospital who in a similar kind of state seemed clairvoyant, or onmidirectionally empathic. in any case, i'd come from a yarn shop and wasn't wearing my knitted mittens.


thesundaygap said...

Silly girl, knitted mittens give you +2 to defence against drunks. Hooray for new yarn!

wrenna said...

yaay for a serious sale at three bags full! a sale so big sandwiches were provided for those waiting in line! a sale with mini cupcakes!

alas, i needed colour advice and felt guilty for my relentless consuming.