17 January 2010

tonight i made coq a vin, adapted from smitten kitchen and julia child. since switching medications i've lost so much weight my hair started falling out. hence, for comfort i have been cooking really good things lately and the velvety smoothness of this, with the early evening of peeling little onions over a beer and later the three pans over the stove, was very satisfying work. i only wish the thyme i dried this summer hadn't gone missing... in any case, we all thought it was great and next time i will have cognac, if not bacon.


thesundaygap said...

Yumm. I always found the bacon a little unpleasant to bite into in this dish anyway(or in anything really saucy). Bacon simply must be crispy for me.

Good call on the cognac, though.

wrenna said...

there are always those little things i decide after it's done that are good to learn from - i'd never made this before, and there was no bacon this first time either. i reduced the butter involved because it hurts my stomach and it didn't seem to suffer. this was a special thing but i long to eat it again with toast.