13 February 2010

i am having endurance issues associated with writing. my forehead gets very hot and then i lose the tempo at which i effectively shift focus to problem solve. my head gets cotton-batten stuffed and i don't know what to do with all the information, as opposed to the empty confusion where i begin. i am badly out of shape. is it a close reading or an analytic debate? it is taking forever.


Soren Lorensen said...


sorry it is slow-going for your head

wrenna said...

i am sorry about your feet. it's difficult to know what to say. i guess i wonder what you're going through. will you stop?

Soren Lorensen said...

I feel like it is safe .

People do not have to say anything.

I don't think I'll stop, it has been ten years now.

But it is not every day, or even every week.

wrenna said...

i feel sad that you, who shares so much joy with me and other people, feel safe making your body the target of violence. and pain. i wish i could help hold your feelings and figure out how they could find their ways in the world.