04 February 2010

my friend has been talking about the poverty olympics for years. i think she went and did it.


Aurora said...

poverty olympics? have to google that.

wrenna said...

apparently there is a website


From the link above -

"'The reason this neighborhood exists is because there is real effort to not just displace it,' said Sam Sullivan, a former mayor of Vancouver. “What’s most visible is not what this place is about. Behind the visible people who clearly have a lot of troubles, there’s a community. Some very intelligent people say this is the cultural heart of the city.”

"As a member of the City Council, Sullivan witnessed the Olympic pitch, including the four pages of social goals pledging that the Games would benefit this neighborhood. Among the promises: construction of affordable housing, employment for residents and no displacement, as during previous Olympics, when residents were bused to the suburbs and abandoned.

"On some promises, Vancouver has delivered, with renovations and 24-hour shelters, with some 3,000 units of low-income housing, with jobs in construction and maintenance and landscaping.

"But the anti-Olympic posters plastered in the neighborhood highlight the opposition to the Games.

"Residents who felt exploited said that too much was spent on Olympic-related cost overruns and not enough on social services. They worry they will be displaced. And they worry about the police presence and additional protests and violence during the 17 days of the Games.

"Advocates plan a Poverty Olympics on Sunday, the brainchild of four Downtown Eastside groups. Competitions include Skating Around Poverty and Welfare Hurdles. Mascots include a cockroach and a rat."

Aurora said...

oh wow,
-that actually sounds interesting