20 February 2010

so i am reading this book of lacanian inspired psychiatry and... i think it is inherently sexist, but ideas are connecting with me intuitively and inspire me to re-synthesize philosophical reading i've done in ways that are interesting. i'm not quite sure how to make notes. if anyone has suggestions for making reading notes please advise me.


Mad Bird said...

And I'm sorry for upsetting you.

Yes, it is hate speech. I'm not too happy with myself right now.

It was meant to be triggering, but for myself. It didn't occur to me about others.

wrenna said...

thank you for listening to me, even though i couldn't be supportive. it means a lot to me.

Soren Lorensen said...

I normally copy out the quote that inspired the note

then put underneath the quote

my thoughts: blah blah blah

and if you copy out some passages you can annotate the words themselves

wrenna said...

thanks. i was going to diagram some of the argument but i have trouble articulating my thoughts in an analytical way so your idea sounds very good.

Soren Lorensen said...

if it is a structure you want out of it

sometimes I write the issues on seperate small bits of paper

then you can move them around in terms of sequence and what not

until you find how they fit together best

then I copy it down in place when I'm sure

it is like playing with wooden bricks

that can be easier than crossing out the diagram all the time