20 February 2010

today i felt the olympic spirit as a man collecting bottles gave me some pins while we waited for the train. pin trading, you will know, is a tradition amoung athletes. one was about god ("from Denmark"), the other was a Salvation Army pin ("others" - win!). he told me he'd said he would pass them on because they would just fall off him. also, a story about a house he bought with the proceeds of selling cocaine and gave to the daughter a woman had to trap him, because the daughter graduated highschool and he had only made it to fifth grade. the woman became worse off than he, i think. if dealing with the psych system has had one benefit it is that i can comfortably get on with just about anyone i meet and it feels sane, comfortable and meaningful. it's so much more difficult with people for whom social success is a form of privledge they hardly know they have, such is the ease with which they make it happen.

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