22 March 2010

i raised my mom's dog when she was a puppy. i didn't want to, i asked my mom not to go through with the adoption, but i was there, walking off the six month long panic attack that was my first serious bout of crazy, and so i got to take care of the brand new baby dog.

the dog had been sent away by her first family for being, "too demanding"- their toddler got jealous. what these people meant by too demanding, though, must have been that they couldn't help but dote on her every cute whim. that's what my mom did. by day the baby dog had me to wipe up her pee and rub her belly to keep her from gnashing at her stitches, and by night she got spoiled rotten.

the dog, now halfway through her lifespan, still has bad separation anxiety, evidenced by a tendency to chew at herself, patrol zealously, generally ignore me, and pee on the rug in my mom's bedroom. it's painful to watch. recently my parents (my dad usually walks the dog; he does not want another) returned from a vacation, during which the dog stayed with me and was very calm. she managed to keep the house nice while i was out all day. since the return, though, her communicative behaviors have imploded and she chews at herself. i pointed out that the dog doesn't like to be in charge; it totally stresses her out. i think the two of them have gotten a grip. in any case, i seem to make a relatively good pack animal.


les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

i do adore you. and i didn't know you suffered from panic attacks as well? your dog sounds spoiled but i understand the stress of being in charge. it is so much easier to just let other people take the reins.

wrenna said...

i might have had some panic attacks but the main feature is anxiety.

thank you for the adoration, i enjoy it.

thesundaygap said...

I have guilt surrounding my family dog and how bad/improperly cared for she was as well. It sounds like you're a good influence on the pup, and maybe it'll help to remember that there are varying degrees of the "good" life, even for dogs, and none of them are bad.
Too bad you can't train parents like you can the dog.

wrenna said...

the guilt is awful. i have it about our first cat. the dog doesn't need training so much as to be part of the pack and let be enough that she notices when she is receiving directives.