25 March 2010

potato salad

left over rosemary roasted tiny potatoes, halved
dollop of sour cream
lemon zest, from the finest part of the grater
salt-brined capers, slivered
chives from the garden
coarsely ground pepper

mix. you could add some lemon juice to thin it out.


thesundaygap said...

mmmm is it summer already?

wrenna said...

i bought little potatoes for my dad's birthday and there were more in the bag than i'd thought. then i planted helioborus and lamb's ear in my shade garden and pretended.

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

oh please make some for me :)
sounds marvelous!

wrenna said...


thesundaygap said...

Lamb's ear drives me crazy. Every time I touch it I feel like a toddler, touching a kitten for the first time.