03 April 2010

i feel permanently fuzzy, like being a bit drunk, and my aesthetic sense is wrecked.


Thesundaygap said...

I want to help. Keep in touch if you need to, come back when you can.

wrenna said...

thanks. i'm not really sad - kermit is in reply to another cover of the song, although so sad it hurts - just frustrated with myself. i feel really stupid, and i can tell that the way i'm processing information is slightly retarded as i'm trying to do it, which makes it worse. i think it's an issue of slightly too much medication, and of being slightly retarded. i don't have a lot of words to describe my mental states. i think if i did i might fit in better with people; it would build trust and rapport. so i spend a lot of time reading for conceptual information, which appeals more, and then feel stupid because i have this concrete style of thought and just am not as smart as the people producing these concepts i am interested in reading about.