23 April 2010

i finally went and did the mri study last week. the lady giving the test was very nice and had a piece of black coral in her wedding ring. i had to think of definitions of words, completing the sentence, "something you..." while looking at pictures and then listen to definitions of words. with my head strapped down. then we did several hours of neuropsychological tests: complete these puzzles, how many numbers can you recite back in order, then in backwards order, how can you sort these cards, etc. so far the mri photos are stuck in the mri-reading software on my quite ancient and creaky pc. i can tell you that the folds in my brain are not symmetrical on the left and right sides and the pictures look a lot like rorschach blots. they come in sets that you can scroll through, in through the eyes and out through the back of the head.

other people's mri's
a brain map

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