06 April 2010

[James] Joyce's daughter Lucia was diagnosed with hebephrenic [disorganized] schizophrenia at the age of 25. Two years later, in desperation, Joyce took her to [Carl] Jung's clinic in Zurich, 'even though Jung had written negatively about Ulysses.' Joyce believed that Lucia was creative like him. Jung concluded that father and daughter were like two people going to the bottom of the sea, 'one falling, one diving'. In other words, Joyce was in control of his unusual ideas and could use them creatively; Lucia's ideas were out of control and could not be used. Lucia spent the rest of her life in and out of various mental hospitals. She died in St Andrew's Hospital in Northamptom.
Christopher Frith and Eve Johnstone,"Intellectual Functioning in Schizophrenia," Schizophrenia: a very short introduction. Oxford, 2003: 47-71. (70)

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