19 May 2010

If I don't sleep when I get tired from my medicine during the day I get blackouts where I can't remember what I've done. They produce a high level of anxiety, more than the loss of control. I've been taking more medicine for a couple weeks and feeling well about it (more focused thinking! better parsing for the important points without getting lost in the details!) but this psychotic type stuff has me rattled.


thesundaygap said...

That would rattle anyone, w.

Are you on speaking terms with your psychiatrist re: dosage and side effects? There could be a simple fix.

Or it could be as simple as napping when you need to, or taking your meds at night/splitting the dose.

Move gently, and take care.

wrenna said...

The doctor and I are on speaking terms and she's been sensitive to balancing the impact of sleeping versus the impact of the illness. I am better when I have some medication during the day, just disruptively sleepy for some of it. I'm already taking most of the dose at night but the medication has a short half-life and is intended to be dosed twice daily. For whatever reason my body isn't adjusting to the sedation and overcoming it quickly at all.

Thanks muchly for the support. I am just kvetching a bit because things have been weird. I feel better having said my piece.