04 June 2010

I met with the neuropsychologist today and apparently my little bit of magic is verbal comprehension - what I can do with language independent of my level of education. I scored off the charts, so that something like one person in a thousand would be better than me. What I have that is kind of weird (1 in 100) is a big difference between what my ability there suggests and how relatively slow my working memory and speed of processing are. So I don't have the cognitive capacity to show off, I would really have to work at it. Receiving in broadband, outputting on analogue punch cards. Making sure I keep whatnot safe, apparently.

Birdie asked a while ago about seeing the forest for the trees - what the doctor I spoke to referred to as taking a more holistic view. He suggested looking at optical illusions and noticing how my perception shifts, or doesn't, playing some sort of word game that involves finding smaller words in bigger words in ways that defy usual groupings, and looking for counterexamples, i.e. see what is ugly about a pretty thing and vice versa with other things good and bad. Listen to music for its technical qualities, and then do it again looking for what speaks to you. But these are probably most useful for adapting to psychosis.

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