17 July 2010

I was so worried about choosing a birthday book for my three-year-old cousin... but he liked it so much he read it four times before bed tonight. the book is "bugs in a blanket," by Beatrice Alemagna. the pictures are all done in felt. little fat bug has never seen another bug before, so he invites the other bugs living on the blanket on the chair at the bottom of the back yard to his birthday party in the hole in the middle of the blanket. when they show up he is surprised! there is sweetness, repetition, a theme of accepting other people as they are, and a dance party. when I was a kid I hated stories about bad things happening so that was how I chose.


thesundaygap said...

Good work, and it sounds like your efforts were appreciated.

wrenna said...

You know what this means? He'd like your stories.