13 July 2010

is it fair that I feel shitty to have found out that the neuropsychologist I was referred to was convicted of sexual assault? when my paranoia and delusions were sexual in nature? seven charges by two individuals. he was creepy and asked questions he probably didn't need to and I gave him leeway. he did his time ten years ago.

I feel like I need a new doctor who won't refer me to creeps.


thesundaygap said...

Fair, justified, appropriate. If I were In Charge of Things, people convicted of such offences would not be able to work in a field where they have ample opportunity to abuse their position of authority in that way. Ever. Again. Not as a matter of stigma, rather of common sense.
I'm furious for you.

wrenna said...

that's the illustrious field of mental health. he lost his job at a university and retrained. my heads been reeling through the cultural craziness, his more than mine.

thanks for being a friend, I needed one.