23 August 2010

I had a dream about walking through a park full of children to find a ferry boat because a bridge was looking very menacing as though it would kill me. When I woke up I looked for Boris. The world can never have enough sensitive and perceptive boys, they make life feel like living. I spent the day scouting escape hatches.


boris said...

im probably on a rampage of self indulgence today: first my editor tells me an article was too much so; and now i am presuming you were referring to me, haha.

apologies for removing my blog, it started to become too personal and it was on the verge of a leak to people i did not wish to see it. so i might make it private and would like for you to be able to see it. what email address can i list it under? and you can delete this comment after if you wish

wrenna said...

my e-mail here is ladywrenna@gmail.com and I would be honoured.