25 August 2010

relaxation exercises seem to trigger a ptsd-like mixture of agitation and fury in me, recalling all of the extraordinarily stressful events in my life when people told me to do some fucking relaxation exercises. it was a good thing we eventually got to the yoga tonight.


thesundaygap said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone on this one - my neighbor/friend who yogas with me sometimes cries during shivasana, and I get upset and pissed off whenever asked to picture a time when I was "truly happy". Guided meditation is a minefield. I hope you find your way through. It helps to laugh.

wrenna said...

We were doing face and shoulder scrunching exercises. I thought about saying something to the teacher before class but it occurred to me that doing so would seem terribly self important, and then I hoped that there were other silent resisters in the room. I'll consider myself in truly good company now. Asking one to imagine oneself "truly happy" in public is rude and invasive.