18 August 2010

whenever I see a little tiny house I think of myself living there someday. I have been walking a lot in order to keep my mental anguish in check. I never needed help with my homework in my whole life but last night my mother, who is a teacher, sat beside me and asked me to explain about what I had written so that I could write more. I've never been so calm when writing, I had been on the verge of tears. This morning my cat slept at my side, which he does rarely, pulling his paws over his face and turning his neck up to the ceiling, purring. So it goes, so I still need to do more.


Factory Supervisor said...

and it will come.
in my experience (for what that is worth) - it has to be pulled out of you... nothing is easy, at least nothing worth having...
there is always some internal force to justify.

Megan Chapman said...

tiny houses, walking, and sleeping cats. These are good things.

My mother was a teacher too.
Explains a lot.

the words will come
and perhaps more tears.
tears are good too.

wrenna said...

Mr Supervisor I take you to be a fount of great wisdom in these matters. The feeling that my head is going to explode and blow shrapnel all over the room is a small price to pay.

Megan, I once had a professor who was a rabbi and she said she cried as a prayer.

Thank you both very much.