27 September 2010

I'm so stressed out I'm twitching and can't think straight. My class is competitive. It makes me work hard but doesn't help me work better at all. I feel like Paris on 'Gilmore Girls' - not good.


Factory Supervisor said...

Stress is never really good.
I know, I spent the other morning swearing at a computer & getting chest pains.
Relax, this whole thing is a stupid game.

How does this make you feel like Paris? (french?) and I have no idea who Gilmore is (or their girls)..

wrenna said...

GIlmore Girls was a cute tv show about a girl named Rory, who goes to private school and her mom, Lorelai. Lorelai got pregnant with Rory as a teenager, has rich parents, and talks very fast in a smattering of old pop culture references. She doesn't cook so they eat at a diner in their wacky little town in New England all the time. Rory has a friend named Paris whose parents are never around, and Paris is super competitive, demanding and intense, to the point of being abrasive and socially intrusive. It was a sweet and clever American tv show. It would be better to be like Rory and sweetly and gracefully get A's all the time.

I'm sorry about your computer. I had to write something useless and just let it go for the sake of handing in some preliminary work.