08 September 2010

sat in the library doing my 5000 pages of history reading on pdf and emerged three hours later feeling uncertain and unfocused in a brain fuzzy sort of way. perhaps my stamina is bad and perhaps the books in there are taking up all the oxygen as they slowly decompose. some of the reading was magical and otherworldly and some of it will be about archives, which are fun. I feel so stupid sitting in classes where the professors talk so fast and everyone blurts out the simple answers on cue while I am still in attentional shifting mode, figuring out that it was a simple question. Woe.


boris said...

that sure is a lot of pages

wrenna said...

history assigns a lot of pages and I was rather intimidated. it is not as dense as philosophy though. I got through most of it yesterday (and wrote my first assignment!) but there is still more and I have had to read some of them twice and take notes.

boris said...

oh philosophy is very heavy. the one unit that i did take was very draining.

congratulations on the assignment