19 October 2010

I wasn't brought up in a house where you argued. As I got older people's feelings needed to be respected and there became less of a determination that one must mind-read, but conversation was still not on the top of anyone's list. Now I have to form arguments and it bends my mind, how working to understand is not enough and even besides the point. Today I totally failed to form an argument and went on with my day, making soup and picking up a magazine to read about art.


Factory Supervisor said...

argue, speak or even communicate..
it all bends my mind..

what/who was the article about?

Factory Supervisor said...
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thesundaygap said...

I am much the same way. Even after years of philosophy class practice, every argument feels like a fight or a tricky brain puzzle that takes me just a little too long to get. Your response was perfect. Shrug that shit off.

wrenna said...

Mr Supervisor: it was an introduction to the cinematographer and photographer of performance art Babette Mangolte in the periodical Afterall. Bendy thoughts.

Sunday: but you have a basic level of argue with which I just cannot compete. I bow down.