29 October 2010

My sister treats me like a pariah. In the words of the pervy neuropsychologist, she can't handle what's happened to her, what she's done to herself, so she needs to blame me, and does so in myriad ways. Seeing someone in a psychological state this extreme is vertiginous. She's really hostile, she can't help herself from snapping at me and making me a villain no matter what I say. Recently she's started catching herself and apologizing when she does this. I don't appreciate that nearly enough. According to the pervy neuropsychologist I am supposed to cultivate a reaction of "oh you poor thing," no matter what she does. I may need training. Apparently I needed to really screw up in order to understand and be able to help.


wrenna said...

I apologized, she accepted, and I am really proud of myself for understanding a little bit, and acknowledging my limitations.

wrenna said...

I like that she was completely insane and she was right, and I like her as a psychological marvel.