04 October 2010

sleeping pills report

Prescribed by my doctor because I have been suffering from difficulty sleeping since I began taking a new antipsychotic one year ago. Initial response (t= 15 min) was positive: I felt as though I was floating on a fluffy white cloud, smiling. This is the sedative effect and is especially nice for about an hour. After I got to sleep, which took more than an hour, I wanted to sleep longer than the 7-8 hours recommended be set aside. Effectiveness diminished as life stress increased. The rebound, not being able to fall asleep normally after a night of taking the pills, is brutal. By the third time I'd used them I was up until 4:30 am anyhow. I slept through a meeting Friday morning and by the weekend I felt sick. Saturday was spent lying in one position, exhausted but drifting off to sleep only as if theoretically until suppertime. I've since hidden the pills in the back of my sock drawer and mentally refer to them as poison. Healthier ways of falling asleep include taking a calcium-magnesium pill, winding down all rational thought one hour before going to bed and focusing mental energies into a modified meditation on nothingness.


boris said...

listening to Theta (4-7Hz) Waves can make people drowsy as the frequency matches that of our brain waves as we transition from Alpha Waves/common in the awake state, to Theta/common in drowsiness.

wrenna said...

can I get some of those waves?

boris said...

easy to download or buy from itunes etc

one particularly simple one which is just one beat repeated in the Theta frequency is:

Theta Binaural Session by Technomind

others are usually mashes of different sounds in the frequency, but the simplicity of that one is nice. people advice to wear headphones/earphones when listening, i assume it enhances it.

wrenna said...

thank you.