05 October 2010

last night an unusual panic attack, which I blame on my poison pills. I was proud of myself, I kept on working as soon as I could breathe again. life moves on, even with badly drafted papers.


Factory Supervisor said...

I like to watch candles flicker and burn.
It is strange and relaxing.

I like this autumnal time of year, golden leaves.. fires..

The panic attacks will pass.

thesundaygap said...

I'm proud of you too.
I find that maintaining a routine around bedtime helps me feel rested even if I'm not sleeping well.
You seem to be gaining perspective and momentum. I wish you well.

wrenna said...

Funny you should mention that Mr Supervisor, I have actually been lighting a candle while studying. If nothing else my desk smells like vetiver and lichen.

Ms Sunday - the saving grace was that the draft was not for marks and I will have teacher feedback before submitting it for some. I have a really inspiring teacher who is helping me to do the kind of work I have always wanted to do. It's a question of being attached and motivated and having a great deal of safety to fall back on. Otherwise I totally failed and would have had to drop out.