02 October 2010

when I have no thoughts it all seems so pathetic and sad. I've become dumbly average, there's no crispness, no insight, just whining. going to read for fine sentences now.


boris said...

the only time i feel crispness and insight is when i work on group projects, i liken myself to Don Draper in my abilities.

and all the whining is what occurs when im left to my own devices, at which point, i reach to alcohol to give me emotion.

reading certainly helps though. wikipedia is a world of good

wrenna said...

Don Draper! A very naughty man. I find alcohol diminishes my critical faculties but it does have a way of wiping my mental slate clean.

I was reading Christine Schutt's Nightwork. She does things with the sounds of words and a disturbing sense of the sensuality in everyday life. Sometimes her narratives are difficult to follow, and for that reason I will read it again.

Wikipedia might have been more productive.