22 December 2010

I have fallen off the success wagon, all the way to academic purgatory. At this point I would rather die than try to write another word.


thesundaygap said...

Ack! I remember that feeling. But Listen. We all write absolute shit sometimes. We all fall flat on our faces. While you are likely being overly critical in this instant it's important to note that a) it doesn't really matter how well you do, it's how you pick yourself up afterward that makes you, and b) you enjoy learning, and you are learning. It's not just about getting it right.

wrenna said...

It is an awful feeling. I remember the days when I would get up at 5 am weeks before things were due in order to get extra working hours in and wish I had that kind of stamina now. I am much better rested than when last I wrote. It is so hard to feel like you are learning anything when you don't have the mental cojones to just say something, already.