13 December 2010

papyrus of ani by feng chen @ elimae
How did it feel to meet Adam, the mortal?
The esophagus is full of swallows.

Incineration throughout
our Egyptian affair.
July and August crinkled with carbon.

"During the Old Kingdom, swallows were associated with stars,
therefore the souls of the dead."

The Book of the Dead tells you how to transform into a swallow:
"Words spoken by the Osiris Ani, true of voice:
I am a swallow, that swallow, the scorpion, daughter of Ra."

Fold your body into twentieths
as you embrace the human subject.
Allow the human subject to absorb you
into his or her oral cavity.
The esophagus will be smooth and lubricated.

"I have kept watch on the Island of Fire; I have gone according to the message, and I have come with the report of it."

Egyptian poets declare new love by the swallow,
the swallow declaring the redundant
sun, brilliant God. Seen on the prow
of the boat, the swallow
swallowing flat air.

How to transform into a swallow: turn
out the lights. Open your mouth. Insert,
eject, insert, eject.

"You were the best."

The Danes believe that the "svale" was named by the event of Christ's crucifixion, as the "svale" tried to ease His suffering, crying svale svale! Cheer up! Cheer up! In Scotland, swallows hold the blood of Satan in their veins. The French know of two precious stones within the swallow: a red one to cure insanity, a black one for good luck.

Stomach acid. What happens
to an esophagus if you vomit for three hundred days
over the shadow of a girl? The swallow,
like the wren, is credited with bringing
fire to humankind.

Like many others, I feel privileged to have seen a swallow fly.
But I am selfish, and made of many sisters,
and memories are like pebbles in a stream,
similar and sororial.
They grow dull
in my hand, when dried.

"You taste good." Why does nothing interest me anymore? The life of an animal is not difficult.
I am happy when sleeping, or swallowing food.

Insanity and good luck should be enough.

What is the chant that tunnels
you into another body?
Chapter 86: Behold, I am coming;
I have cast down my enemies
upon the earth,

and my body
is in its coffin.


thesundaygap said...

stunning, brilliant/insane, and moving. Thanks for sharing :)

wrenna said...

thank you for reading. the whole magazine is crazy inspiring.

Factory Supervisor said...

insanity and good luck should be enough.

this is just amazing.
where did you come by this?
i want more.

wrenna said...

I found the site via the link list at "She Was," (http://thehappymisfit.wordpress.com/) who I found via "Letters to Ed." The blog portion of elimae is pretty fantastic also.

More from Feng Chen is available at the blog "windmachine" @ http://fengsunchen.wordpress.com/ Additional published work is linked under publications. She is a poetry student at the University of Minnesota.